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Made in China: Social and Environmental Risk Study on Chinese Supply Chain of Tomato Products
As an independent research center, we expect our work can help push China’s agriculture move towards a direction of sustainable development. However, production mode and policy design in realities which go after profits make China’s agricultural system become more like a tool for short-term interest in highly risky conditions, even for the shrinking short-term interest, natural resources like arable lands and water are over consumed. It is likely that such trend will threaten food security in the long sun.
From Tea Garden To Cup——China’s Tea Sustainability Report
we launched this research project on Chinese tea supply chain in hope of promoting the sustainable development of tea industry through establishing the communication platform among different stakeholders.
Exploring in the ‘mist’ ——Study on present situation of the NGO promoting agricultural investment responsible of Chinese corporations overseas
International issues caused by globalization should be jointly solved by Chinese government, enterprises and host countries together with Chinese NGOs through supervision, advocacy and cooperation.